Sat Jul 20th 2024
Onboard Apex
Itinerary Summary
London/ENGLAND, Bruges/BELGIUM, Flam/NORWAY, Geiranger/NORWAY, Bergen/NORWAY, London/ENGLAND
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Day 1 : London/ENGLAND

-- - 4:00 PM

Day 2 : Bruges/BELGIUM

7:00 AM - 3:00 PM

A crossroad in the English Channel for centuries, Zeebrugge is the entry to Flanders, whose golden age heritage resides in three historic cities: Ghent, Antwerp and Bruges-a jewel of a town beribboned with picturesque canals and a truly charming medieval beauty. In this region, museums proudly display the glories of the old Flemish masters, from Van Dyck to Rubens, and summertime is delightful when window boxes boast colorful flowers and the graceful arcs of windmills can be seen.

Day 3 : At Sea

Day 4 : Flam/NORWAY

7:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Tucked at the end of a fjord, tiny Flam huddles between steep peaks and deep, still water. From its gingerbread rail station, an electric train zigzags through mountaintops and tunnel after tunnel, emerging on the "Roof of Norway." It's an amazing experience. Return by the same route, or take one of the world's most scenic drives through the Romsdal Alps.

Day 5 : Geiranger/NORWAY

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

You will never forget sailing into the grandest fjord in all Scandinavia. The waters are glassy and lacy waterfalls dance down from dizzying heights on either side. Tiny farms cling impossibly to sheer mountainsides. And at the end is a friendly town and a roadway to the crest of the mountain called Eagle's Nest, for a bird's eye view of the waterway seen from the sky.

Day 6 : Bergen/NORWAY

7:00 AM - 2:00 PM

This is a classic Norwegian town full of colorful charm. You can wander up narrow streets into the surrounding hills or enjoy Gamte Bergen, the old town, with cobbled streets and wonderful little shops and bakeries.

Day 7 : At Sea

Day 8 : London/ENGLAND

6:00 AM - --