Paradise Bay, Errera Channel Cruise Port

Paradise Bay is a beautiful site to behold. On a clear day you can see the snow capped mountains sparkle back at you. At the foot of Mount Hoogh you will see Argentina's Almirante Brown Station by the shore. You can experience the bay from two perspectives, either on zodiac or on the land. While on land you can a relatively close look at the gentoo penguins that call this island home, or climb further up on the hills and mountainsides to get a wide view of the area. When you are cruising on a zodiac, you are likely to see some spectacular scenery first hand, like the Bryde Peak, Garzon Glacier and Peak, and Petzvol Glacier. It is especially impressive to see the mirror reflection of these sites in the smooth bay waters. If you are fortunate you might even see a minke whale wanting to play.

Cruise Deals Including Paradise Bay

Date Ship Nts Destination Inside Oceanview Balcony Suite Per Night
2021-01-03 Silhouette 14 South America N/A N/A N/A $ 18074 pp $ 641 pp/pd
2021-01-17 Silhouette 14 South America N/A N/A N/A $ 22164 pp $ 670 pp/pd
2021-01-31 Silhouette 14 South America N/A N/A N/A $ 17924 pp $ 677 pp/pd
2022-01-30 Silhouette 14 South America $ 4114 pp $ 4694 pp $ 4964 pp $ 11464 pp $ 254 pp/pd
2022-02-13 Silhouette 14 South America $ 4094 pp $ 4894 pp $ 5264 pp $ 16764 pp $ 254 pp/pd