Jayapura, New Guinea Cruise Port

New Guinea is one of Asia's most spectacular regions for tourism. A living museum of natural history, untouched rain forests, white-sand beaches, snow-capped mountains straddling the equator, jewel-like lakes and moss-carpeted forests shelter some of the world's most astonishing wildlife. In the highlands valley of Baliem, Stone-Age tribes sport boar tusk nose rings, necklaces of harvested spider webs, and reed skirts for women. The custom of smearing their bodies with red or white clay for warmth has given rise to the nickname "mud people." In Jayapura, a picture-postcard harbor with a backdrop of eternally green hills greets travelers who visit this Indonesian part of New Guinea. Indeed, the only access is by sea, and aside from a few roads around the town, the only means of travel to the interior is on foot or by light aircraft. Streets bustle with an interesting mix of tribesmen, vendors, Minang merchants, Bugis fishermen or sailors from Makassar.

Cruise Deals Including

Date Ship Nts Destination Inside Oceanview Balcony Suite Per Night
2022-12-21 Silver Shadow 18 Australia N/A N/A N/A $ 9700 pp $ 539 pp/pd
2023-02-12 Silver Muse 16 Australia N/A N/A N/A $ 11200 pp $ 700 pp/pd