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Europe Cruises & Cruisetours

Every year, Europe Cruises increase in popularity; if you're thinking of a Europe cruise this year is your source for great deals and exceptional service! Whether you're looking for a traditional blue-water experience in the Mediterranean or North Sea, or the relaxed and intimate experience of European River Cruise, there are several ways we can help.

Of course we'll find you the very best deal and we can offer many exclusive savings opportunities (we are after all!), but we truly take service seriously and hope you'll give us the chance to show you what sets us apart from both online and traditional travel agencies. Why not let one of our experts be both your guide and personal shopper--our expertise is both friendly and free!

Want to browse on your own? Feel free to use our Cruise Finder (uppper right corner of the page) to browse and check pricing, but we always encourage you to give us a call so we can help you with the details. We hope you'll give us the chance to find a European Cruise Deal that's just right for you.

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Northern Europe Cruises


British Isles revel a lyric beauty that belongs to no place else on earth. Shining Scandinavia is a land where myth comes alive. Viking words still name the craggy peaks and brilliant lakes. [ View More ]
Western Europe Cruises


London is eternally thrilling no matter how often you return. You can visit the Emerald Isle to look for leprechauns and kiss the Blarney Stone. Walk Edinburgh's Royal Mile or go winetasting on a tour of Bordeaux. [ View More ]
Mediterranean Cruises


Nothing stirs the imagination like the Mediterranean. Echoes of past glories are everywhere from the Colosseum in Rome to the ruins of Athens, Pompeii and Ephesus. [ View More ]
Greek Isles Cruises


Ancient villages tumbling over rugged cliffs and bays. Storied island hideaways floating in azure seas. Come witness the myths and wonders of the Greek Isles. [ View More ]

Europe Highlights

Europe Cruise DiscountEurope is relatively small as continents go. And since it's surrounded by water, it only makes sense to explore it by sea, where the grandeur of Europe is never out of sight. Step ashore in Istanbul where the brilliance of golden domes is matched only by the dazzling Mediterranean sun. Gaze upon the awesome fjordlands of Norway. Stand before the inscrutable Sphinx and ponder awhile. Tour the grand palaces filled with the works of Michelangelo, Donatello and da Vinci. Wander through the medieval castles and Gothic cathedrals; the gilded concert halls where the operas of Puccini and Verdi, and the symphonies of Mozart and Beethoven and Chopin were first performed.

But there are also other sides of Europe. The glitzy, glamorous Europe in the famous resorts of the French Riviera. And there's the everyday Europe, too. The busy thoroughfares of London with their two-decker buses and cozily crowded pubs. The sprawling cafes of Paris where office workers munch baguettes and sip espressos. It's more than a way of discovering the Old World, there wonderful places are a way of discovering the fabric that makes up the very core of our own culture.

Typical Ports of Call: London, England; Lisbon, Portugal; Malaga, Spain; Villefranche, France; Barcelona, Spain; Le Havre (Paris), France; Florence, Italy; Rome, Italy; Waterford, Ireland; Naples, Italy.

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