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The Caribbean...A Variety of Treasured Destinations is your source for the best deals on Caribbean cruises. Whether you want to relax surrounded by the white sand beaches and beautiful turquoise waters of the most beautiful islands on earth, or to explore the Mayan ruins of Cozumel, our team of cruise experts will help you find the right Caribbean cruise at the right price for you. sells more Caribbean cruises than any other destinations - and as a result, we offer you significant discounts on virtually every to the Caribbean, on the cruise line of your choice.

Browse all you want, but we always encourage you to let one of our cruise experts help you plan your Caribbean cruise. You'll still get our very best prices, expert advice and no added fees (and no pressure)! We're just a call away at 800-668-6414!

Caribbean Highlights

Caribbean Cruise

Caribbean Cruises seem to offer an endless variety of duration and Ports of Call. While some sail to the Caribbean in as little as four nights, the vast majority are seven nights with some longer. And while there is great diversity in the ports that can be visited, most Caribbean cruises sail to three primary regions, Eastern, Western, and Southern.

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Eastern Caribbean Cruises

Caribbean CruisesMost often, these cruises depart from ports on the Atlantic coast of the U.S. - from Boston and New York to Baltimore, Charleston, Jacksonville, Cocoa Beach and of course, Ft. Lauderdale and Miami. An Eastern Caribbean cruise will generally call on San Juan, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Island ports of St. Thomas and St. Maarten, and often, a private out-island beach experience.

Some Common Ports Of Call

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Known collectively as the Lesser Antilles and Trinidad & Tobago, the islands of the Eastern Caribbean make a 1000km long north-south sweep, beginning east of Puerto Rico and coming to a halt just off the coast of Venezuela. The Lesser Antilles include the Leeward Islands (from Anguilla to Dominica), the Windward Islands (from Martinique to Grenada) and Barbados.

The islands are mountainous, with rainforests and black-sand beaches. The coral limestone fabric of the outer arc of islands, extending from Anguilla to Barbados, reveals their marine origins. White-sand beaches, indented coastlines and low, scrubby hills characterize these islands. The islands of the inner arc, extending from Saba to Grenada, have volcanic origins, and craters and hot springs still steam, bubble and pungently belch their sulfuric gases. Volcanic activity has ceased on most of the islands with Montserrat the rumbling exception. Trinidad & Tobago have different origins again, having broken off from the South American continent. Trinidad's soils include deposits from Venezuela's Orinoco River, and its northern range is an extension of the Andes.

Philipsburg, In St. Maarten's Dutch capital, one of the favorite yachting destinations of the Caribbean, you can crew on a former America's Cup contender or ride in a submarine to see the underwater wonders. This duty-free port is a paradise for shoppers too. St. John, Robert Louis Stevenson's Long John Silver and his band of pirates made their home in the Virgin Islands. Almost all of St. John is protected by the US Virgin Islands National Park, a pristine tropical wilderness-mostly under water. St. Thomas, Take a 'jeepney' ride up the twisting spiny ridge of the island to Drake's Seat. This is where Sir Francis supposedly spied on and made plans to attack the treasure-laden Spanish fleet as it made its way through the lovely archipelago of the Virgin Islands.

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Western Caribbean Cruises

Caribbean Cruises Departing from many Gulf Coast ports like Galveston, New Orleans, Mobile and Tampa, as well as from South Florida, the Western Caribbean cruise will call on ports like Cancun and Cozumel in Mexico where you can visit Mayan ruins, shop or sun. Then it's on to the crystalline waters of Grand Cayman for amazing snorkeling, scuba and beaches, and finally a visit to some of the famous sights in Jamaica.

Some Common Ports Of Call

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Cozumel, Vibrant. Colorful. Vivacious. Mexico's favorite island is hot chili peppers and cold Margaritas. Ancient Mayan ruins and ultra-modern resorts. Mamacitas clothed head-to-foot in black, and sun-bronzed goddesses in the scantiest of bikinis. And the whitest powder sand and the clearest blue water you'll ever see! Ocho Rios, Float down a gentle river in a bamboo raft as your guide sings a Bob Marley tune. Climb through 600 feet of cascading waterfall at Dunn's River Falls. Explore a moldering Great House where ghostly apparitions make their apperance on a regular basis. Then, have a little Jamaican rum and feel all right!
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Southern Caribbean Cruises

Caribbean Cruises These fantastic itineraries depart from San Juan in Puerto Rico and offer the most ports of call since your starting point is already in the Caribbean. Flights to San Juan are often as inexpensive as they are to other US ports of embarkation, and the cruises themselves are often the lowest priced Caribbean cruises available. They are truly great examples of getting more for less.

Some Common Ports Of Call

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You don't have to have a lot of time to have a great time in the Caribbean.

There's Grenada for the spices; Barbados for the British pubs and Trafalgar Square; San Juan for the narrow, cobbled streets; St. Maarten for a combination of French and Dutch influences and St. Thomas for the fabulous duty-free shopping.

Great beaches can be found from Ocho Rios and Grand Cayman to Cozumel. And islands like St. Lucia, Dominica, and St. Kitts offer scenery so breathtaking, you'll feel as though you've found heaven on earth.

Special adventures like the St. Maarten's America's Cup sailing regatta which lets you be one of the crew, the Tulum, Lost Mayan Civilization journey into the past, and rafting on the Martha Brae River in Jamaica make your vacation complete.

Southern Caribbean: Castries, St. Lucia's fiery origins are pretty obvious when you see the Pitons, the famous twin lava cones that rise steeply out of the sea. Be sure to visit the world’s only drive-in volcano! St. John’s, Antigua prides itself on being the yachting capital of the Caribbean. Another attraction with sailing lore is English Harbour, where Admiral Nelson created the largest navy base in the Caribbean. Basseterre, St. Kitts was considered the British mother colony of the Caribbean. At the infamous Brimstone Hill, learn about the endless colonial wars between the French and the British. St. Croix, Crumbling fortresses remind you of a time two centuries ago when St. Croix was a bustling colony of the Kingdom of Denmark. Today, its glorious beaches have brought the island to life again. St. Thomas, The turquoise waters around St. Thomas hold as many treasures as its duty-free shops. A visit to Coral World will show you an underwater wonderland. Or glide in a submarine to even deeper worlds. Dive a wreck off of Buck Island, or sail a catamaran to St. John
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