Seeking sun-drenched caribbean cruise deals? Breathtaking views of Alaskan glaciers? City tours along one of Europe’s scenic rivers? Discover cruise destinations around the world, both popular and offbeat, through our budget-friendly sailings.

africa & middle east

Exotic, wild, sophisticated, cosmopolitan. The heart of Africa is the wildlife experience and your Africa voyage may allow time for overland safaris to the game parks of East Africa or the reserves of South Africa.


Jagged mountains of granite rear up against the deep blue sky while glaciers gleam white, encircled by the arctic blue of the ocean.


Discover a whole new world when you sail to intriguing destinations across Asia. We offer a variety of special itineraries that allow you to participate in unique events and experiences to embrace the diverse cultures and historic traditions that these far eastern countries have to offer.

austrailia & new zealand

Australia is famous for its dynamic cities, beautiful beaches and unique outback experiences, while New Zealand offers spectacular landscapes, culture and diversity.


What is it about islands? Are we lured to them by a mystique set adrift on a tropical breeze? (Or is it for a really good tan?)


On Bermuda, the average annual temperature is a perfect 70 degrees F and you're never more than a mile from the water's edge.

Canada & New England

Take in the beauty of fall in the Northeast on an upcoming Canada/New England cruise. You'll visit charming cities and towns as you weave your way through the area's breathtaking fall foliage.


Cruise ships ply the warm waters of the Caribbean year-round, as visitors sail into one of the world's most enchanting destinations.


Europe is relatively small as continents go. And since it's surrounded by water, it only makes sense to explore it by sea.


It all began when volcanoes rose from the sea and trade winds scattered seeds that grew into incredible flowers and fragrant papaya.


Be swept away by Mayan ruins, golden sands, crystal clear water, snorkeling and perpetual warmth and sun.


Rivers offer an intimate and unparalleled experience with the culture and diversity of the countries they flow through.

South America

Experience the fun and excitement of South America visiting tropical ports known for exotic music, dance and cuisine. Don’t miss an excursion to Machu Picchu, one of the new Seven Wonders of the World.

South Pacific

The dreamy islands of the South Pacific are calling and the best way to see them all is through one of our upcoming cruise adventures! Perfect for relaxation and adventure, these idyllic islands boast white sand beaches, lush waterfalls, tropical rainforests and more.


Repositioning cruises are one-way cruises to move ships from one cruising market to another, but what they really are are your chance to get a fantastic cruise, with a one-of-a-kind itinerary, visiting unique ports-of-call, all for an amazingly low price!

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