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Last Minute Cruises and Cruise Deals

Depending on the marketplace, last minute cruises can be an unmistakable bargain for people that can travel with short notice and aren't too particular about their stateroom of where on the ship it's located. Cruise lines don't like to leave the pier with any empty staterooms, so they'll sometimes offer some pretty spectacular discounts on last minute cruises.

And while last minute cruise deals are frequently available, if you need to fly to the port of embarkation then they discount may evaporate pretty quickly! On the other hand, if you're within driving distance of a cruise port then you don't have to worry that airfare will eat up your savings.

Last Minute Cruises Aren't for Everyone

When last minute cruise deals are available, they typically aren't for cabins that hold more than two people. It may also be the case that you can't get multiple cabins if you want to travel with a group. And naturally, if you're need to travel over a holiday, you probably won't find any last minute cruises (everyone else in on vacation too)! Last of all, if you have a specific time when you have to travel, it's a bad idea to wait and hope for a last minute cruise deal - unless you're okay with risking not going at all.

At CruiseDeals, we keep on top of what's not moving and work with the cruiselines to make these last minute prices even more attractive with added incentives. While we have some listed below, the best way for us to find a last minute cruise deal for you is to work with one of our experts; always great service - never any added fees!

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