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Book the “Other Half” of Your Vacation!

Broaden your Experience with Exclusive Shore Excursions

Reserve your shore excursions before you cruise and make your vacation hassle-free!

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Why should you purchase your Shore Excursion before your cruise?

For one, you certainly don't want to spend your first hours on the ship standing in a long line at the shore excursions desk, hoping that the ones you want aren't already sold out!

You'd much rather unpack, check out the ship and hit the pool deck or a lounge early knowing all your excursions are already taken care of. Relax knowing that everything you want to do is paid for and waiting for you upon arrival!

Now you can purchase your excursions directly from our exclusive, preferred provider Shore Excursions Group, where each and every Shore Excursion is licensed, insured and chosen personally by their expert travel staff.

Avoid sold out excursions and waiting in line while saving time and money. Purchase Today to guarantee that your next vacation will be the best of them all.

Please note that these shore excursions are offered by our preferrred partner - Shore Excursions Group, which acts as an agent in reserving your space, and are being offered to you as a convenience. The cruise line may offer many of the same excursions offered here either before your cruise or while you are onboard. All excursions are based on availability. does not operate any excursion, and cannot be held liable for loss, injury, damage, costs or delays resulting from your booked excursion. You are responsible for showing up on time to the designated excursion point. Shore Excursions Group reserves the right to modify or cancel any excursion should conditions warrant. Full refunds will be given for any excursion cancelled due to weather or the ship missing your port. No refunds can be made for your failure to be at the assigned departure location.

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