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Need a Pre or Post Cruise Hotel?

We have you covered!

There's nothing worse than missing your cruise and whether you're flying or driving any distance to your departure port, we strongly recommend always arriving at least one day early! There are several benefits:

  • If your flights stay on schedule the worst thing that'll happen is you'll have time to explore your departure port or city instead of just seeing the road between the airport and the ship. Do some sightseeing, hit the beach, or just have a leisurely, unrushed, hassle-free day, and still be among the first to board the ship.
  • If your flights are delayed, you'll be "cool" while everyone else is melting down. In fact, you might even have the opportunity to get some free air cash for giving up your seat to another traveler in exchange for taking a later flight.
  • If you do miss the ship then you're often "on your own" to get on yet another flight to the next port, unless you purchased your air from the cruise line (and even then, you may have limited options). Now, if you have travel protection insurance the provider pays, but you still lose vacation time flying. . . how fun is that?

We have the same hotel program as the "big boys" that you see on TV all the time. . .and sometimes, even better because we're not spending millions on advertising! Give us a call and we'll do the work for you!

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