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Step 1:
Purchase Travel Insurance

Things Happen...Protect Yourself

We understand that your vacation can be a yearlong investment, but can be ruined in a second. While you can't prevent an unexpected storm from closing the airport, you can do something to help cover your travel investment - and that's to purchase travel insurance. recommends Allianz plans - they offer insurance designed just for travelers. They can provide coverage for many of the things that can go wrong before, during and after your trip. Travel mishaps occur every day...why not be prepared if one happens to you.

Review Your Coverage Options and get a Quote

Step 2:
Documentation For Travel

Get Organized

Due to heightened security for travelers out of and into the United States, you must check that you have the proper documentation for travel abroad. We strongly recommend that you secure a passport that is valid for six (6) or more months after your departure date.

That said, many cruises that originate and return to the U.S. only require a certified copy of your birth certificate and a photo ID from a recognized issuing agency, such as the Federal Government or your state Driver's License Bureau. However, we still suggest that a Passport is your very best option, especially should you need to return to the U.S. via air in the event of an emergency.

Click here for passport information. >>>

Step 3:
Book the “Other Half” of Your Vacation!

Broaden your Experience with Exclusive Shore Excursions

Why should you purchase your Shore Excursion before your cruise?

For one, you certainly don't want to spend your first hours on the ship standing in a long line at the shore excursions desk, hoping that the ones you want aren't already sold out!

You'd much rather unpack, check out the ship and hit the pool deck or a lounge early knowing all your excursions are already taken care of. Relax knowing that everything you want to do is paid for and waiting for you upon arrival!

Now you can purchase your excursions directly from our exclusive, preferred provider Shore Excursions Group, where each and every Shore Excursion is licensed, insured and chosen personally by their expert travel staff.

Start Exploring TODAY

Step 4:
Online Check-in/Pre-Cruise Planner

Save Time & Plan Some Fun!

After you've made your final payment for your cruise, you are requested to go online to submit all your travel documentation as well as secure your boarding passes. This will save you quite a bit of time at check-in when you arrive at the pier. You can also use this time to pre-arrange some of the many options that cruises offer, such as reservations at the specialty dining venues, spa appointments, and show tickets, just to name a few. It also helps you know that you're prepared to show the appropriate travel documents at arrival to avoid any surprises at the pier. Visit our Online Check-in and Cruise Line Info Directory and then select the cruise line on which you'll be sailing.

What you'll need for Online Check-in:

  1. Your cruise line confirmation number, ship, sail date - this will be on your statement from
  2. The full legal name, date of birth for each traveler in your party
  3. Passport or appropriate travel documentation information for each traveler (Passport #, date of expiration, etc.)
  4. A credit card - this is used to pre-arrange your onboard account to which your gratuities and onboard purchases are charged.
  5. Travel plans before and after your cruise so the cruise line will know when you're arriving and departing the origin and destination cities.

Click To Choose Your Cruise Line

Step 5:
Directions to the Port

Head to the Ship!

If you're driving yourself to your port of embarkation, we can help you with together a list of every major cruise port and directions to that pier.

Click here for directions to your embarkation port. >>>

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